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HomeExchange50plus for Home exchange and holidays for seniors

Welcome to HomeExchange50plus

Home Exchange 50plus is a holiday exchange site designed for the senior traveller.

Home and Hospitality Exchange for seniors is not a new concept but more and more of us, from all walks of life, are now swapping our homes for holidays, not least to save money in these financially challenging times. Home Exchange is the holiday alternative for seniors and a great way to see the world at a significantly reduced cost. If you have never tried it, why not give it a go.

Not surprisingly, we seniors, baby boomers, silver surfers (whatever we wish to call ourselves) are becoming great fans of Home Exchanging. We tend to be more flexible on dates with more free time available; we don’t normally have to worry about school holidays as we are often empty nesters.

Experience the world with us. Enjoy a short city break, explore a country on a two-week holiday, play golf on some beautiful courses or take a long-term sabbatical vacation - all at a fraction of the normal cost.

Whatever your home is, be it a luxury beachside villa, a city apartment, a simple country retreat or a house in the suburbs, why not list it on our website today. Swap your home or holiday house with other like minded seniors for a vacation in your own country or worldwide. Join us today and start organising that dream holiday.

If you can’t find your ideal home exchange, we also list Vacation Rentals.

See the world as a local, not as a tourist.

To search all our properties, both Exchange and Rental, click on a continent and then your chosen country.

Stay free - travel more!

Enjoy Home Exchange

For those of you who dislike the word “seniors”, we apologise, it is not our favourite word either, but it helps to optimise our ranking via search engines.

Holidays for seniors
Holidays for seniors